Hi all

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all and a very happy and healthy New Year!  There is not long to go until xmas now and i am almost sold out of my xmas trees.

I can now start to think about my leeks, with lots of potting to do and then posting leeks out in January.

I have just taken delivery of my clover compost.  As most of you know, i use clover professional compost and also add exemptor insecticide and multicoat 3-4 month slow release fertiliser.  This is done in the factory to make sure dosage levels are correct.  By adding this to my compost i do not have to worry about spraying or feeding the young plants as the compost additives will look after this for me.

I will be potting on at about 6 week intervals, hence adding a fresh batch of feed and insecticide at each potting.  This should keep plants growing well and free from pest damage.


This year I am pleased to be offering my new pot leek the J.S.N leek which i released to a small amount of growers for the 2017 season and Scott Hall went on to win the National Pot Leek Society Championship show.  Well done to Scott!

For the 2018 season, i ask anyone who would like this leek, to collect in January from my greenhouse in Kibblesworth.  I think everyone would agree it is about time we had something new to grow.  On the subject of something new, i am pleased to tell you about another release which will be for 2019.  Peter Kerry bred a new hybrid pot leek of immense size and superb quality and a new hybrid intermediate leek which is also a very good size and quality.  These will both be available from my greenhouse in a years time.

Thats all for now, please keep checking the site for new posts to follow in the new year!