I did not mention on my previous blog about my stock plants as there were no heads showing at that time, however in the last few days, I have seen heads galore on my stock onions, and the first heads appearing on my leek plants.

I must say, some of my stock plants were still of exhibition quality up until May, being very clean, still a very good size and really solid.  The best I have had in many years.  Peter Kerry remarked they were as good as stock he had seen in 50 years.

On the downside, you have heard me say how good Peter’s new hybrid Pot Leek is.  Unfortunately he has informed me that they have not faired well through this hard winter.  Peter is now looking to keep this hybrid for another year and not release for 2018 as he is looking to keep perfection within this leek and has destroyed any stock plants not looking perfect.  This leaves him short on numbers.  He will grow stock on for another year before releasing to anyone and I have a lot of respect for him for this.


John Soulsby